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guidetomemory.com fulfills the conscious and subconscious of the audience and contributes to sustainable action. The viewer is called to confront matter and become aware of life.

There are no limits for the label and the examination of the past, present and future is a part of the philosophy. It reacts quickly and up to date to changing conditions in the market and the world and partly flows into the art. No answers are given, only questions are asked.

This painting was created by hand in week 15 in the year 2021. By means of a 3D scanning process, combined with an algorithm, the overall image was calculated from 112 individual images.

The Matrix Collection



guidetomermory.com is positioning itself for the long term in Web 3.0 and already offers the possibility to visit an online gallery.


Crypto Voxels

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Metropolis World

guidetomermory.com is a part of Metropolisworld and loves the storytelling and lore. With the ownership of "THE HIVE", gtm is pursuing a sustainable idea and will continue to build on it in the future. With following link you will find the property :