The vision is to inspire art lovers to embrace digital art. As an art label, we encourage suitable artists to realize their dream. We stand by nature, people, support human and technological progress. All works of art contain connection to people and nature. The work symbolizes the big picture in all facets and emotions of life.


It's the mission that drives! offers customers an avenue to explore the hidden sides of self and contemplate with all aspects of existence. The foundation for this is the timeless art that leaves questions open, but always leads to the question of the origin of life. The symbolizm of art serves as an anchor so that no one is spiritually lost in the digital age.


At the heart of are values. Values are guideposts that determine our thoughts and actions. Trust, reliability and partnership, are the key values for gtm.

Trust is strongly connected to people. The are protected by our actions today so they are set up for success in the future. The label highly values personal data. take steps to ensure that the market value of an object do not diminished. A trusting relationship is maintained with the project partners.


It is important to the label to assume responsibility, towards our customers, but also as an important partner within the industry. The quality of our products and services is always fully reliable. Customers always get what we promise them and can expect constant innovation. The label will never negligently reduce the prices of the already existing assortment, neither now nor in the future.


A long-term relationship is maintained with partners in order to develop and grow together. We stand by each other, understand each other and help each other move forward.


Sustainability is one of the pillars of The product itself is primarily concerned with life and thus also with sustainability. gtm expects to serve as a compass for humanity and strives to lead the label into the next century. Likewise, nothing is done that would reduce the value of the already created products. Coincidence is not excluded!

5% of profits are donated to charity. The main focus is on child poverty reduction and education.